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Happy New Year, Happy New Decade

I am excited to recognize I am beginning my second decade of work as a professional psychotherapist.  I graduated from University of Colorado at Denver in December of 2007 after completing a year long internship at Noeticus Counseling Center and earning a MA in Counseling Psychology.  After graduation I immediately transferred to working as a private […]

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“First World Problems”

Every time I’ve heard this phrase lately, its thrown me off a bit and I’ve heard it with enough frequency that I decided to look into it.  The history of the phrase on the internet brings up a range of memes of varying levels of funniness, such as the one below; its not my favorite but […]

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Radical Acceptance

Today is a day to practice accepting something that you really don’t like but have no control over changing, also known as radical acceptance. Yes, this topic is stimulated by the election results but can apply to many areas of one’s life, so this post is not really about politics. It is about how to […]

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Why is there a poetry video on a mental health site

I have anticipated that people may wonder, but hesitate to ask, why a mental health therapist has a link to a spoken word poet on her website. Sarah Kay, spoken word poet, Ted Talk This is supposed to be a mental health website, so what’s with the poetry.  Well there are a few reasons I included […]