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Applying Self-Compassion

also known as The Story of Putting My Client Resources To Use on Myself I had the wrong time in my head and missed an appointment today.  I sat waiting for my client for awhile and when she didn’t arrive I figured it out that I should have been at my office half an hour earlier.  […]

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Shifting towards non-judgment and objectivity

…and away from judgment and subjectivity.  Subjective statements are ones that involve opinion, judgment and ambiguity, objective statements are ones that involve specific use of facts as they are seen in that moment. Subjective based conversation: A: “He was very rude.” B: “I didn’t think he was rude.” A: “Of course he was, he’s such […]

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90 seconds of emotion

Imagine water on the ocean: the push and pull of the tide combines to create a surge and crest of a wave, which peaks and breaks creating a turbulent swarm of white water and strong forces that rush toward the beach, spreading upon the bare sand, stirring it up, then losing power and turning to gently slide back to the sea. This is […]

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NOW not KNow

After a recent appointment I found myself trying to rectify why it seemed that I was talking to my client out of two sides of my mouth.  The oversimplified version was one side of my mouth was telling my client to share her feelings and the other side was telling her to not feel anything, […]

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Why is there a poetry video on a mental health site

I have anticipated that people may wonder, but hesitate to ask, why a mental health therapist has a link to a spoken word poet on her website. Sarah Kay, spoken word poet, Ted Talk This is supposed to be a mental health website, so what’s with the poetry.  Well there are a few reasons I included […]