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Its normal to feel freaked out right now and you don’t have to stay freaked out Living in the time of COVID, there is so much we don’t know. We don’t know much about this virus itself and our “normal” has become so disrupted it is very hard to predict what’s coming next. All of this uncertainty naturally creates Anxiety. And when I say “naturally” I mean that is the way […]

Now Offering EMDR I began offering EMDR in 2019. I completed the 50 hour comprehensive EMDR training through the Maiberger Institu My clients have seen significant growth in a variety of areas, including relationships, anxiety, work performance, and general self-concept. Frequently, the common denominator is a shift in the client’s own sense of self, meaning the client starts […]

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

EMDR is a type of therapy that uses bilateral stimulation of the physical senses, in order to allow one’s brain-body the opportunity to sort out and reorganize memories from the past that have gotten stuck and get re-activated in the present….click to read more

Emotions; Your next adventure is calling

Living in the mountains calls for many adventures, whether it’s wading out to your car through a foot of freshly fallen snow or backpacking to the perfect alpine location, the journey awaits.  Mountain dwellers have a tenacity for the challenges that are presented in our unique environment.  However, there is one adventure that can often be neglected for fear of the unknown; that is the exploration of emotional landscape…click to read more

Applying Self-Compassion to myself

I had the wrong time in my head and missed an appointment today.  I sat waiting for my client for awhile and when she didn’t arrive I figured it out that I should have been at my office half an hour earlier.  When I realized I had been late, that my client had already come and gone, I felt terrible. So, so terrible, and a torrent of self criticism flooded me (“I am such a expletive idiot”) As I hung my head in shame a few resources on my desk caught my eye… to read more

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade

I am excited to recognize I am beginning my second decade of work as a professional psychotherapist.  I graduated from University of Colorado at Denver in December of 2007 after completing a year long internship at Noeticus Counseling Center and earning a MA in Counseling Psychology.  After graduation I immediately transferred to working as a private practice clinician….click to read more

“First World Problems”

Every time I’ve heard this phrase lately, its thrown me off a bit and I’ve heard it with enough frequency that I decided to look into it.  The history of the phrase on the internet brings up a range of memes of varying levels of funniness….click here to read more

Holiday Joy/Holiday Distress

Tis the season for treats, parties, gift-giving, memories…in the best cases these things can be joyful and tinged by some occasional discomfort such as guilt, anxiety, sadness, or disappointment; in the worst cases the holiday season straight up sucks…click here to read more

Radical Acceptance

Today is a day to practice accepting something that you really don’t like but have no control over changing, also known as radical acceptance. Yes, this topic is stimulated by the election results but can apply to many areas of one’s life, so this post is not really about politics. It is about how to find some calm when life feels like a storm that could rage on eternally in any which way….click here to read more

Shifting towards non-judgment and objectivity

…and away from judgment and subjectivity.  Subjective statements are ones that involve opinion, judgment and ambiguity, objective statements are ones that involve specific use of facts as they are seen in that moment….click to read more

90 seconds of emotion

Imagine water on the ocean: the push and pull of the tide combines to create a surge and crest of a wave, which peaks and breaks creating a turbulent swarm of white water and strong forces that rush toward the beach, spreading upon the bare sand, stirring it up, then losing power and turning to gently slide back to the sea.
This is a metaphor for emotion… here to read more