Now Offering EMDR

I began offering EMDR in 2019. I completed the 50 hour comprehensive EMDR training through the Maiberger Institute.

My clients have seen significant growth in a variety of areas, including relationships, anxiety, work performance, and general self-concept. Frequently, the common denominator is a shift in the client’s own sense of self, meaning the client starts to feel more acceptance of self, less criticism of self.

The client begins to believe in their own worth on a deeper level. Often that belief goes from a “logic” based thought, as in “Of course I’m a valuable person”, to a truth felt deep in the bones. Or maybe that truth is felt as coloring of the heart or a radiating warmth from the gut. The end result being that the entire nervous system “believes” in a positive cognition.

Another common denominator of successful EMDR outcomes is that clients are able to shake off the shackles of past experiences. My clients have been able to identify things that have happened to them that continue to pester them and influence how they are operating in the present. Through EMDR treatment that clients feel more of a sense of control and grounded-ness when recalling past events. Those events still have meaning, but don’t have the same overwhelming influence.

The results and feedback from clients engaging in EMDR has been very positive, whether the work has focused on general development of coping skills or more specific desensitizing of past events. EMDR has been a very exciting addition to my therapeutic palette and I happy to offer it to anyone who is interested. I’m also glad to answer questions or discuss concerns, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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