Happy New Year, Happy New Decade

I am excited to recognize I am beginning my second decade of work as a professional psychotherapist.  I graduated from University of Colorado at Denver in December of 2007 after completing a year long internship at Noeticus Counseling Center and earning a MA in Counseling Psychology.  After graduation I immediately transferred to working as a private practice clinician, mainly because this was the model that was practiced at  Noeticus.  I also explored other venues for my mental health work including brief stints working at an addiction treatment center, a community mental health center doing crisis response work, and a supervised visitation program.  Through all these experiences I have been able to interact with the many venues that support and respond to people struggling with mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, and relationship dysfunctions; including the justice system, hospitals, and Department of Human Services among others.  I am grateful for the range of experience I have had in the community and I have come to find that I am most satisfied and fulfilled in my work as a private practice clinician.

So here’s to the next ten years. My resolutions? I aim to provide efficient and effective treatment for my clients while maintaining the caring and nonjudgmental presence that I believe is the most valuable foundation for empowering positive change.  I also intend to continue to grow my knowledge and expertise through continuing education and collaboration with peers.  Lastly, I want to give back to the community through de-stigmatizing mental health treatment and raising awareness of mental health resources, so that everyone is receiving the help they need to live their best life possible.


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4 Responses to Happy New Year, Happy New Decade

  1. Patricia Molden says:

    I am glad to be reminded about your blog. Thank you for this resource. I am going to reread a bunch of your posts, looking for inspiration. Thanks, and congratulations.

  2. Mary Livesay says:

    Congrats on beginning your second decade of work in the field!

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