Customer Reviews of Therapy

Obviously I think therapy is beneficial, but why just take my word for it.

I invite anyone who has worked with me specifically,  or worked with any therapist on a mental health issue, to submit a comment entry below or on my facebook page and tell the internet world how therapy has benefited you and why you think others should give it a try.


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Ellen is an amazing therapist. Wise well beyond her years, I found her at a difficult crossroads in my life. Her help saw me through an incredibly difficult time. She clearly had thought about our prior sessions and brought insightful readings, articles and suggestions for me to “do the work”. I could not recommend Ellen more whole heartedly.

I am a firm believer that therapy is beneficial to anyone with an open mind. I have been lucky enough to have several very good therapists, each with their own strengths. Ellen’s strengths include a great diversity of techniques, a natural presence of compassion, and a true love for the therapy process. I always felt a challenge to move forward and the safety and support to give it my best effort. Anyone who has been in therapy knows how difficult that balance is to maintain. I have found that the best therapists (for me) are the ones who help you discover the patterns that keep you from growing while giving you the tools to form new ways of approaching life in a healthy way. I remember how frightened I was before beginning therapy and how much I struggled with the concept of asking for help and making myself vulnerable. I would urge anyone considering it to give it a try. At worst, you lose an hour. If you find a good match with a therapist, however, the positive impact on your life will amaze you. I’m not suggesting this is an easy process, but I can assure you that it’s worth it.

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